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Wk9 – Artist Interview – Ralph Acosta

20150319_111306 20150319_111311 20150319_111319

This week I was looking towards Ralph Acosta pictures and I liked how he shares the places of all the places he has ever lived in. The title of this art is called Home “Sweet” Homes. It fits in with these enlarged postcard because it is a memory of where his family has lived. Having these memories of all the places that his family has lived in in the past makes me think that I should start creating a piece of art or album of picture and memories. Memories come and go, but the only way to savior all of them is to have something to remember them by, a good example is to take photos.

My memory is all loose in the open where I can only remember them when it comes about, and it really upsets me that I dont have any memory of when I was young; where I live, what I did. I am glad I was able to see this art featuring Ralph Acosta, because from now on, I will take more photos and keep them as a memory to me.


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