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Wk5 – Activity – Kickstarter

One of the categories I picked is games because I love video games, computer games, card games, and even board games. I found this Ghostbuster Board Game to be a game I would play with my friends. Depending on what kind of board game or card games, genre, I would play it, such as this game. It seems like a real fun game to try with my friends. Definitely adds more joy when there are max amount of people playing it. This game catches my eye and I would definitely want to fund it/support it.

In the same category I picked : Coup – Mobile Edition. Although I do love the card game Coup, I do not like the mobile edition because it takes the joy in playing with people you know. I feel like playing on mobile kills people social interactions with friends. Also that is the difference in me liking card/board games and I rather have those than have mobile games. I like to see my friends reactions when playing. Mobile games you cannot really see that and to me, it is a fun killer.

Another category I chose is Technology. As a computer engineer major it is new technology coming out that makes me want to stay in that major. Just like Prynt: the first instant camera case for iPhones and Androids, a case where instead of just having pictures on phones, you can get it printed right away. A good way to keep your memories together and maybe even put it in an album. I really like this technology because nowadays people are usually on their phones and usually take pictures on their phone cameras. I hardly see people use actual cameras unless for family/special occasions. This technology is why I stay as engineering major.

In the same category, I chose FlyShark Smartwatch: Everything at a touch of your Wrist. This technology is something I dislike because it takes having a phone/camera to be nothing. I would rather much have a phone to tell my time and take pictures and send text messages. Using this watch, it limits on how fast you can do certain stuff like texting or browsing because it is so small. I also think talking to someone to a watch is really weird (picturing in my head). Although this seems that this technology is nice, I dislike it and I probably would not support it because I do not want one for myself.


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