Jones Sin

Wk3 – Artist Interview – Yireh Elaine Quak


This week the Artist Interview was Yireh Elaine Quak. She told the art above was based on home and it is like the view she sees outside of her house. She also said that this was the harder paintings she had to do because it was heavy moving around the canvases and that it was 3 different canvases. I like this painting the most due to the fact that I can picture living on top of a hill/mountain seeing a beautiful view.


I found this art very weird but also in a way entertaining, because I see it as a person running. It makes me feel like what did the artist want to paint and what is it suppose to be, but it gave me a thought of Art can be anything you want, just have to picture it in your mind.


These 2 pictures were also great pictures of view on the mountain/hillside. Very beautiful art. These pictures were all painted by Yireh Elaine Quak.


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